Workamajig Release Notes

I recently wrote a blog entry detailing Workamajig’s enhancement of their Security Group settings. In this post I mentioned that though enhancements such as these are a wonderful surprise, I would prefer to be prepared for them for training and application purposes. Today I received a helpful message from Greg Geiger Continue reading “Workamajig Release Notes”

Workamajig Version 10.5 Enhancement Release Notes

The Workamajig Team has been working very hard to get its next release out to users. I know that I am not the only one who is eager to begin using the latest, and greatest Workamajig has to offer. So, I was very excited to undergo the online training session presented to the Workamajig Consultants. Continue reading “Workamajig Version 10.5 Enhancement Release Notes”

Workamajig in Chicago – A Commitment to Becoming Better

I recently returned from the windy city, where Workamajig has its fair share of user agencies. I spent some time working with one agency who signed on with Workamajig some time ago, and their sister company who just purchased the software for the new year.

The sister company was changing from a certain, infamous program (any guesses?), and as with any change, there was Continue reading “Workamajig in Chicago – A Commitment to Becoming Better”