Workamajig Version 10.5 Enhancement Release Notes

The Workamajig Team has been working very hard to get its next release out to users. I know that I am not the only one who is eager to begin using the latest, and greatest Workamajig has to offer. So, I was very excited to undergo the online training session presented to the Workamajig Consultants.

A sneak peak was viewed and discussed during the user conference, but, it was really cool to see the mentioned enhancements in action.

The main components of the release include a greatly enhanced CRM system and calendar, and, overall this information can now be linked to various parts of the system in ways seasoned users have likely wanted for some time.

The new CRM module utilizes Blair Enns’ Win Without Pitching philosophy. A new component, “Leads” can now be added to the system. These Leads function much like contacts but do not have to be associated with a particular company. This will allow managers to more easily work with purchased lists of leads for new business, and better integrate those leads with Workamajig and external marketing programs such as My Emma. These leads can be upgraded into Contacts, which can then be retained in the system and moved to different Companies allowing you to retain a Contact’s employment history. Workamajig will also begin utilizing a folder system to manage the CRM system to allow for better synchronization with Exchange Server.

Activities will now be able to be linked to a Project, Lead, Contact, Company or Opportunity (also includes Tasks and the Diary for Projects). Not only will this significantly enhance information management, but it will also allow you to use Activities to manage minor tasks that do not have to be managed within the framework of a Workamajig Schedule. Future releases will also allow users to link Activities to Vendor and Client Invoices.

The Opportunity module will now allow for your new business opportunities to be upgraded or downgraded automatically, and new reports are being designed to help managers isolate neglected or regressed leads.

Marketing Groups are a new feature that will allow users to group their Leads so that they can be synchronized with external digital marketing programs. Workamajig will utilize an enhanced import tool that will allow users to map a preview of the intended imported information (from purchased lists, for example) BEFORE it actually enters the system. This will drastically reduce headaches associated with import errors, and information going to the wrong data fields.

The Calendar will be updated to a full flash calendar, allowing it to function like iCal or Outlook. Users can create their own folders for different types of events, view Activities, or even “stack” other users’ calendars to view multiple employees’ calendars at once. Users can also modify calendar events with a simple drag-and-drop to new time periods. The calendar will also have better communication with external calendar systems like Google Calendar, Yahoo, Entourage, and Outlook. Users will now be able to PRINT THE CALENDAR!!

At least one version of the upgrade has already been released to a hosted client for beta testing purposes. Super-user, Rachel Digman, has reported nothing but good things about the release (join the Workamajig Group on Linked In for more information). All Workamajig clients will receive a link to a demo version of the site prior to release (soon!). This site will be setup to identify any bugs or make any minor tweaks to the system as suggested by participants. I strongly encourage all users to visit this site upon release — issues are easier to iron out prior to release than after!!

Congratulations to everyone on the Workamajig team for their efforts to make this inspired release roll out smoothly, with great consideration for their existing clients. Please feel free to leave questions or comments regarding this release.

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