Workamajig Release Notes

I recently wrote a blog entry detailing Workamajig’s enhancement of their Security Group settings. In this post I mentioned that though enhancements such as these are a wonderful surprise, I would prefer to be prepared for them for training and application purposes. Today I received a helpful message from Greg Geiger, Workamajig’s Head of Operations, who reminded me to check out the release notes. Any new development is listed at the top. He tries to update the release notes about a week before they release the updated software. If you don’t know where these are, right-click and go to About Workamajig. Then click the Releases tab.

So, there you have it. I would recommend making a habit of checking out the release notes on a weekly basis — particularly if you are your team’s Workamajig Administrator. These notes can help prepare you to adapt your company to Workamajig enhancements, and other updates to the system. I have read over these notes and find them useful. Users should expect more and more changes as the HTML portions of the system are phased out, and update/import features are incorporated into additional modules of the system. Perhaps these notes will one day be incorporated into a Dashboard Widget or hard-coded into the RSS Feed?

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