Maximize Workamajig Support

In my experience, Workamajig users underutilize one of the stronger resources they have at their disposal, in terms of maximizing their user experience with Workamajig. The resource I am referring to is the email support provided free to each Workamajig user account.

Too many times users come across roadblocks in the system. This could be an error they encounter in the system while entering Task data; a user error in setting up a Workamajig schedule, or it could be a situation where a user simply needs guidance on how to properly set up a new Project in Workamajig.

Sadly, many users will stop at this point and allow this roadblock to interfere with their progress. Often, users will actually allow this pattern to continue into perpetuity, accepting errors or being satisfied with their chosen process.

This is unnecessary. Workamajig users have a wonderful resource that is an email (or phone call) away. Your Workamajig Support Professional is loaded with solutions to your problem. My experience with their various personnel is that they are not only willing, but eager to provide you with assistance. I know some of you spend a great deal of time in Workamajig but these people spend all of their working days in this system. They also deal with issues across companies, giving them a broader knowledge base of industry experience. I can’t think of an easier, effective, and less expensive way to get advice on how to use your system.

What’s more, use of the support system also helps to improve Workamajig — for ALL users. Your email to support may help to identify an unknown issue. Your requests for advice may lend insight into the development of a system enhancement. In this way, user contributions to the support system allow for continuous quality control and software improvement. If you have an idea of how to make the system better — let them know! Other users may have made the same request, and you will bring us all one step closer to making it happen.

Do yourself a favor and use your Workamajig Support service. Just send an email to, and cc your system administrator. You will get the help you need and may help to make the system better in the process.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your positive Workamajig experience or reviews with your social media networks. Workamajig actively monitors these services and will enter your name in their user contests.

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