Workamajig in Chicago – A Commitment to Becoming Better

I recently returned from the windy city, where Workamajig has its fair share of user agencies. I spent some time working with one agency who signed on with Workamajig some time ago, and their sister company who just purchased the software for the new year.

The sister company was changing from a certain, infamous program (any guesses?), and as with any change, there was uncertainty. Sure, there were problems with the current software, but the issues are KNOWN, and work-around fixes have been developed and employed. A new system, then, presumably brings new issues and new fixes to develop.

Why would anyone forgo the familiar and dive into MORE work? Why would an advertising agency want to spend precious, billable time away from creative endeavors learning how to use the longest of all four letter words — software?

During this process it occurred to me that we have all shared this experience in some way and by engaging the Workamajig process, and we share a common thread from deciding to learn the Workamajig Way. The common thread is a commitment to becoming better.

Think about it. If you found Workamajig, then you’ve been doing something right. You’ve at least been around long enough to grow your staff to a level requiring an agency software. I think each of the Workamajig agencies found success in their creative work and enjoyed it long enough to want something more. So logically, business management becomes the next frontier. Principals want to know which clients are REALLY the most profitable. Account Executives want to know which (or if) projects are profitable. And finally, everyone can appreciate adding data entry efficiencies to their daily lives.

So to all the agencies that are new to Workamjig: stay committed to becoming better. No doubt, learning new software is not fun or easy. It is frustrating, and the rewards seem to be distant. Just remember how you got to the place you are now. Your agency found success and decided to build upon it. Stay committed to seeing this process through to the end. Having the information that runs and manages your business at your fingertips IS worth the effort. Your reward will be a solid foundation to grow your organization, and piece of mind from having all of your information stored in one place — and at your fingertips.

UPDATE: looks like there is a new agency in Chicago using Workamajig! Congratulations to Celtic Marketing for implementing Workamajig to improve their business. Make sure to check out their blog.

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