The Way: Project Intake – Mike Wang

The Way: Project Intake – Mike Wang

Mike begins by telling us about Workamajig Labs, available to Conference Attendees May 1. It will be added to System Setup. You will view new features and can opt to deploy these features or not. Each user, who has the security rights, can turn on their lab items at the user level if the Company decides not to at a Company level.

There are two ways you can intake a project based on how projects come into an agency. Continue reading “The Way: Project Intake – Mike Wang”

The Workamajig Way – Estimating and Quotes

The Workamajig Way – Estimating, Purchasing, Vendor Bid Requests (Ron Ause)

Several ways to create an estimate. Workamajig recommends setting up by task and service. Most clients will see a summary output of your Estimate. Estimates are partially built once created (we are doing by task and service). There are two tabs Continue reading “The Workamajig Way – Estimating and Quotes”