Workology 2.0 – WWP with Blair Enns

Blair teaches creative firms to win new business without giving away your thinking for free. New book coming out. Describes the sales pitch as a flaw in the business process. It is fundamentally flawed. What Blair doesn’t like about New Business Development:

It’s expensive. It causes agencies to sacrifice respect. Self-respect and Client respect. Sacrificing the position of the firm. You should be able to position yourself as experts. Continue reading “Workology 2.0 – WWP with Blair Enns”

Workology 2.0 Introduction

This is the first in a series of posts covering the Workology Conference. Content is typed quickly, so bear with any grammar usage or spelling errors. As always please feel free to comment:

Morning Session

Team Intro.

The State of Workamajig. Workamajig is growing. 20,000 users. 1300 clients. 35 employees.

Workamajig Labs

New features, after beta-tested will be installed into Labs. Users or Companies can turn these features on. If they are popular, and gain acceptance, they will be pushed to the entire to the general application as a whole.

Coming to Labs (May 1, 2010)

Preview will be for conference attendees only.
New Estimating will be added to Opportunities
Campaign Level Estimating (applause)
Journal Entries in Flash
Receipts in Flash
Payments in Flash
WYSWIG Form Layout

Live from Phoenix Airport – Conference Wrap Up

It is hard to write from here knowing that the conference continues without me. I am jealous of the remaining attendees who are still standing by, soaking up fountains of knowledge from the Workamajig team and fellow users.

This is my summary of the weekend as a whole Continue reading “Live from Phoenix Airport – Conference Wrap Up”

Live Blog From Conference

We arrived at the conference for pre-Registration and a reception.  Workamajig has put together a first-class event. The Workamajig team can be seen everywhere, and have greeted all of the participants warmly.  It was great to put a face to all of the names you’ve emailed over time.  Again, the event staff has put together a first-class presentation.  I imagine next year’s event will grow five fold as a result.

Next Post:  will summarize Blair Enns’ presentation on Win Without Pitching.