About Us

Hello, my name is Lee Handley, and I founded Workamapro Inc. in 2008 to create the first company offering consulting, training, and support devoted solely to Workamajig Creative Management.

I have spent most of my career managing advertising agencies. I came across Creative Manager Pro, now known as Workamajig, in 2004. We purchased this software package because we needed a software solution that could manage every aspect of our agency’s business. What we discovered is that it could do a whole lot more!

Workamajig taught our agency how to perform at its peak efficiency, while providing the highest level of project management, trafficking and financial reporting. We quickly discovered this by adapting our system to the “Workamajig Way” when we were unable to utilize all of the functions Workamajig provided in its program.

As a creative person with a financial background, I quickly fell in love with this program and devoted all of my time to understanding how to utilize its maximum potential.

Workamajig has enabled the agencies I have managed to achieve operational and financial success. I have became so passionate about its ability that I decided to focus my career on it.

I created Workamapro Inc. to serve the Workamajig user base. My goal is to guide agencies using Workamajig to maximize its full potential. My vision is for agencies to utilize Workamajig to handle its business functions so that they can focus on what matters most to them – Creativity.