Workamajig Updates System Setup Security Options

I was cruising through Workamajig’s System Setup with a client, on Monday, and noticed that the options for Security Groups and Security Options (I think that was their names) are now extinct and have been merged into the all-flash “Security Options”. Updates such as these often catch me by surprise, but more times than not, they are pleasant surprises.

Click on Menu/Admin/Global Options/Security Options to view the new module. Coincidentally, if you are reading this but cannot access the module, it is your Security Group that is prohibiting you from doing so. The new module opens in Flash, which will allow you to work within the interface without worry of losing one screen or another (tip: use your browser’s ‘Window’ feature to quickly access those pesky, unseen HTML windows quickly).

The new interface is intuitively organized, so that the user can set rights according to defined Security Groups or by looking up the specific security rights themselves and designating which groups have access to that right — this can be extremely useful when you have identified a feature that needs access/restriction and you want to quickly update your entire staff accurately. Workamajig has updated this interface to work like the mind of an Administrator — A+.

Users will also see that Security Groups are now added from this screen too. It also appears that groups are no longer started from scratch, but from copying another group. This has been my preferred method, and I am glad to see Workamajig incorporate the same philosophy into their system. It is much easier to start at a high or low security group (i.e. ‘Accounting’ or ‘Staff’), copy their options, and add/remove options as you go up/down the security chain of command. This is much easier, at least, then identifying what rights each specific group should have from scratch.

Users and Administrators will also notice that Workamajig also has included descriptions to help explain each of the options. Again, this is a huge help. It is one thing to instinctively understand what rights each group would need to have, but it is quite another to intuit Workamajig’s vernacular for those same rights. Their descriptions bring us one step closer to bridging the gap however.

So, go check out your new security options! I would prefer that these updates be communicated and specifically target and describe what will be updated, but it is hard to be disappointed upon discovery of such solid updates.

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