Easily Enter Credit Card Statements Using Workamajig Data Exchange

Workamajig’s Data Exchange function can be used to drastically reduce the time it takes to enter data into your system. My most common use for this part of the system is importing vendor invoices, specifically, the most tedious, mind numbing vendor invoice of them all — the monthly credit card statement.

First things first. This method of data entry will not save you much time if your credit card company does not allow you to download your credit card statement in an excel and/or .csv format. If you credit card provider does not provide this benefit, then the amount of time you would save justifies changing credit cards.

Assuming your card provider has this option, download your statement in excel or .csv format. Use the Workamajig Help Guide to determine the column headers that are available for the data fields (VendorID, TotalCost, ProjectNumber, etc) you want to import and set them up as an Excel (file type = .csv) template . Now, copy the downloaded data to your template. Each row will contain dynamic data for the individual line item charges, as well static data containing the vendor invoice header data (InvoiceDate, InvoiceNumber, APAccountNumber, etc). Note: your posting date will default to the invoice date, but this can be modified if need be. At this point your only remaining task is to assign G/L accounts to the various line item charges on the credit card statement.

Save your work with a descriptive title in the same folder as your template. Then, access the Data Exchange (Menu/Admin/Data Exchange/Standard File Import/Vendor Invoices/*Select File) to upload your file. You will receive a system generated email notifying you if your file was successfully imported. If the file is rejected, Workamajig attaches a copy of your file with error messages so that you can make corrections. Once your invoice is successfully imported, review the invoice in Workamajig for approval.

2 thoughts on “Easily Enter Credit Card Statements Using Workamajig Data Exchange”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this useful info. I am trying to get the GL Account Number to be imported from the .csv file. What is the field name (i tried GLACCOUNT and GLACCOUNTNUMBER). This is my last hurdle with the file import.


    1. If you are importing as a vendor invoice, the Workamajig field name would be “EXPENSEACCOUNTNUMBER”. Please let me know if this does not help, or also, feel free to email me directly.

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