Workamajig vs. Creative Manager Pro

I remember early last Summer when I asked Mike Wang when the new and improved Workamajig would be launched.  I had been waiting to see a new and improved interface after all these years of CMP.  To my surprise, Mike informed me that it had already been released.  I entered the new web address to see the new site.  I was overwhelmed to say the least, and almost frightened.  How long was it going to take to learn this new site?!

Mike offered to set up a training session to learn the new system.  I was certain it would last for hours.  Surprisingly, the session was painless, and 10 minutes long.  For the second time in almost 5 years I thought:  this software is going to take over the world!!

Many CMP users are reluctant to switch over to the new interface.  This post is dedicated to enlighten those people, and urge you to switch now!  If you wait until the end of January when CMP is phased out, you will quickly adapt, then hate yourself for all the time you could have spent with our beloved Workamajig. 

One word can sum up the advantage Workamajig has over Creative Manager Pro:  usability.  Workamajig is intuitive, and functions logically the way you always wanted Creative Manager to behave.  Functions in various modules are more consistent; advanced functions have become elementary (read: customized listings and reports!); and navigation between modules has been greatly enhanced.

Do you like working in multiple CMP windows?  Try multiple windows from one screen in Workamajig.  Think CMP is too slow?  Experience the enhanced speed of Workamajig.   Wait until you see the enhanced, customized Desktop (dashboard), and quick launch features of the ‘Jiggy Bar’…

If this has motivated you, here are some practical tips to ease the transition:

1.  Getting Started:  if you are looking for the menus, just click the Menu Drop-Down button in the top-left of your desktop.   It works just like the Windows ‘Start’ button, and remains static while you navigate through the options.

2.  It’s not that different:  most of the entry screens are the same in both systems.

3.  It’s all in the wideo:  Workamajig has developed the “Wideo – Episode One” that gives a similar tutorial.  You will have the option to view this when you first login, and can view it in the help guide anytime.

4.  Crawl before you walk:  you can have both systems up and running at the same time, so that you can easily fall back to the familiarity of CMP if you are in a crunch.

Stay tuned for more entries on a regular basis.  I encourage reader comments, suggestions for future topics, or any other recommendations.

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