Workamajig Sales Lead Enchancements

Application of  Win Without Pitching to Workamajig – Blair Enns and Greg Geiger

How Contact Management is Going to be Organized in future Workamajig enchancements

New pieces being added:  lead.  These are lists you purchase or people you meet at trade shows, etc.  This is a new module.  Then you can add activities to the lead, which will be the central communication for recording phone calls and follow ups.  This feature will eventually be blended in with the Project Diary.  From a user standpoint the functions will remain in the same locations.  There will also be an addition of private to-do lists (in activities).  So, once you begin converting the lead it can become one or all of three things:  an opportunity, company or contact.  New change:  you don’t have to have a company to have a contact.  You can move your contacts from company to company.  The other piece being built into the system, will allow you to generate basic html to put on your website so that a lead can fill out information on your website and it will link in to your Workamajig site.  

Integration with My Emma

Allows mass mailing for you clients and yourself.  Integration will work with a marketing list.  You will be able to use the listing filters to add and remove people from your list — people from Missouri, etc.  You can then have customized list for export or push over to My Emma.  This is big.  Workamajig will be updated from My Emma with all email bounce-backs, unsubscribe information etc.  So, you will have a circular flow of information between Workamajig and My Emma.

Win Without Pitching Integration

Whether you adopt the method or not you can still use the steps to identify where a lead is in the buying cycle.  The lead conversion process in the software is designed to make you determine where your lead is in the cycle and move them along the CRM/Workamajig system from Lead to Opportunity to Company.  There will be a button to “Convert” the company which will move them along the buying cycle.  Once you do this you are able to determine your next steps and assign priority.  If you are going to use this part of the system, the “stage” for an opportunity will now be called the ‘level’.  Big thing to point out is the qualification process, determining where they are in the buying cycle, the questions you need to ask are all about what the client to be is doing.  Nothing to do with what you are doing.  So you determine the stages and assign the criteria to move them along the stages.  

Back to Sales Menu in Workamajig – Greg

Lead screen is broken into company information — most of this screen will be optional.  So you are beginning with a lead and have many options/tabs to enter information.  You can enter general info, details, system info, custom fields and history.  In system info, you can set security information — who can see what, where and what they can do with it.  You can optionally create folders — this essentially replaces the leads.  For leads you can assign security rights to these folders.  NOTE:  I would compare this to calendar sharing options.  Information is entered for the lead.  At some point you will click the option to “Convert Lead”.   You can assign to someone else; tell the system what forms to open (company, opportunity) after conversion.  NOTE:  your ‘contact us’ field on your site will integrate with Workamajig and the incoming lead will be marked as “From Website” for example.  

Moving the lead to an opportunity, the opportunity will have to have a company.  Opportunities have custom fields and you can minimize sections of the screen you don’t want to view.  Keep in mind once you’ve converted a lead to an opportunity, this implies that there IS an opportunity at stake.  Within the opportunity you have your stages that you can assign to the opportunity.  This system is going to rank your sales leads for you.  Your companies will ranked by their level in the buying cycle so that you can use priority — you can devote your attention to the late stage opportunities and nurture your early stage opportunities.  Your third priority will be generating new leads.  

Adding functionality with the “Outcome”.   You can say “won”, “awarded”, “lost”.  If you lose an opportunity, it knows that this was a negative outcome and will reduce the level you assigned for it.  So the system will automatically manage your opportunities.  

The History tab will show your activities in date order.  You can view them as a thread.  There will be search options for the activity to allow you to find the thread information you are looking for.  

Add a new activity:  You can simply add a subject line and be done because it knows the company and other information.  You can link these to projects, opportunities and companies.  You can email this information to clients or co-workers.  What is important to know is that you can filter all of your information by the type of link, meaning you view all activities for the project number, opportunity, etc.

New option:  update multiple contacts at one time.  Importing process will be improved.  You can view and edit before you import them.  It will be more visual as opposed to blind.  You can map your fields from the import.  

For you contact information, instead of having multiple tabs, command buttons will be installed for updates — this makes the options more ‘hidden’ if you don’t need to deal with them.  

Companies won’t have folders.  

The New Calendar:  you can’t see what I do, but this is impressive.  It more closely resembles standard calendar interfaces you are accustomed to viewing.  You can drag and drop your meetings instead of opening them.  Double click for day view.  Again, the interface looks and operates very closely to your typical calendar systems.  It looks fantastic.  Each person can have as many personal, public and resource calendars as you want.  Future goal is for this information to be available offline to you so you wouldn’t have to be logged in to view it.  The printing capability of the calendar will be updated so that you can print month views, and in color.

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